The Big Picture Project helps align public and private investments, and mobilize all sectors behind strategies that strengthen affordable housing along the Central Corridor

The Big Picture Project (BPP) began in 2012 as a cross-sector partnership aimed at a more coordinated approach to affordable housing development along an 11-mile stretch of the Twin Cities Central Corridor–the site of the Green Line light rail. The The project outlines three main goals for the corridor over the next decade.

  • 1. Invest in the production and preservation of long-term affordable housing
  • 2. Stabilize the neighborhood and invest in activities that help low-income people stay in their homes
  • 3. Strengthen families through coordinated investments

BPP continues to monitor and report annual progress on its original Central Corridor Affordable Housing Coordinated Plan. In 2016-17, BPP will sponsor a series of convenings about pressing affordable housing issues along the Central Corridor.